All submissions should be made through the  AIB 2016 Online Submission System.  All submissions must be made on or before October 19, 2015. Please remember to choose the “Panel” option for the Submission Type field on the submission form.

  • Panel proposals must be submitted by the panel chair and include:
    • A title page that includes the names and contact information for all participants and identifies their roles.
    • An abstract, not to exceed 150-200 words, that summarizes the panel (to be used in the proceedings).
    • An Overview Statement of the main issues in the panel.
    • An explanation of why the panel should be of interest to AIB – LAT members.
    • A description of the session format (e.g., pro and contra debate, roundtable, professional development workshop).
    • Any special room setup or technical requirement that the panel requires (please note that the feasibility of these requirements will be part of the evaluation criteria).
    • A 1-to-3 page synopsis of each activity (e.g., two contrarian opinions, questions that the panelists will be addressing, training activities).
    • Emails or signed letters from each participant, indicating s/he will participate if the panel is accepted.
  • Panel proposals should be no more than 6,000 words inclusive of all materials.
  • Panel proposals should be written in English.
  • Each proposal must state, on its front page at the top right the Panel Session Format.
  • The manuscript should preferably be saved in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. A free PDF conversion tool for most file formats is available at Neevia. However, Microsoft Word files will also be accepted.

While designing the panel, please keep in mind that sessions at AIB-LAT conferences are constrained to 75 minutes. Please also note that only panelists that will appear in person at the conference can be listed in the program.